Our production

We offer a big range of the best fruit, like peach, nectarine or Paraguayan peach. Our top products are the apricot and pomegranate.


Is has been becoming one of our most iconic products along the years. As a product of continuos improvements, we cultivate an apricot with a sweet taste, great smell and perfect colour. Nowadays, we are working in new varieties of apricot, like the red one.

White flesh peach

One of the most commercialized products of our brand, is one of our identity signs.

White flesh nectarine

We work with the mono colour ones, leaving behind the most acid ones.

Paraguaran peach

We look for varieties that can assure the good colour and the complete closing of the fruit. That guarantees a product with a long live in the market.


In order to satisfy the increasing demand of antioxidants, the pomegranate is one of the most popular fruits at the moment. We work with the most colorful ones, creating a red and appetizing fruit with a great taste.