Our Work

We have an area of 7000 m2 that is used to pack, cool and keep fresh all the cultivated products.

Thanks to our location and an accurate system, we have the control of every step of the process. We constantly do quality tests to see the hardness, colour, size and aspect. We analyze lots of parameters during the process, in order to offer an optimal product.

We only work with the most advanced varieties, we look for a constant improve.

We are aware of all the requirements and protocols that are needed in the market, and we certify every year our genre and our process.

We cultivate now

to grow our future

DYNAMIC AREAS: We make researches of the substrates that feed our trees. We analyze their needs and try to provide everything is needed. We must consider the area as a dynamic element.


THE VALUE OF WATER: We use this resource in the most efficient way. We are constantly analyzing the use of water, in order to reduce its consume.


BALANCE WITH THE WILDLIFE: We build strategies which allow us to create a process that doesn’t affect the environment. We try to reduce the use of artificial elements.

ZERO RESIDUES: We trust in a healthy and responsible production. Every decision is made in order to achieve a sostenible agriculture.


THE PRODUCT IS THE KING: Our objective is clear: an excellent production, with an optimal fruit made in a process that respects the rural way.


CARBON FOOTPRINT: We are constantly looking for newer ways to reduce our impact in the environment. Added to the use of recycled elements, our work factories are placed near each other, so the fruit barely travels 15 km.