Our Brand Fresbacin

Fresbacin was born in 1998 as a familiar company. We are placed near the Cinca River (Huesca, Spain), in a location which is known as an agricultural zone.

We benefit from a perfect climate. Cold winters and dry and hot summers, at 400m. These conditions, with the high quantity of water that the Pirineo provides, give us the possibility of cultivate a fruit with an excellent quality. Our campaign begins in May with the apricots, and ends in December, with our last pomegranates.

Our identity is to create a fruit in which the quality and the best taste are assured. The final product is a result of a well set process in the field.

Our Values

We have a compromise with our customers. We only offer the best product, the one that excels in every part of the production process. We keep improving every year to offer a better taste and a better colour in our fruits. We know the needs of our customers, and we do our best to satisfy them in the best way possible. We offer a distinguished product.

Our passion is the secret of our work.